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Step 8:

Step 8: Grab ahold of the spline on top of the gear casting and pull vertically. As it comes up and out of the gear casting it should spin slightly. There are a number of rings and bearings around this spline piece. Please keep track of where each one goes so reassembly is not a problem.

On this spline piece you will see 4 band seals. Please match these up now with the 4 band seals and 4 o-rings from your kit. At the bottom of the gear casting where this piece was sitting you will find another wiper seal. This one can be a little tricky to get out. Sometimes CAREFUL destruction of the seal is necessary to remove the old one. If this has to be done, please be certain not to score or scrape the seal seat with what ever you are prying at the seal with. If the seal seat is nicked or scored significantly the fluid may leak around the seal. Here is a picture of a seal that had to be destroyed in order to be taken out. The trick is to bend the outer edges in towards the center until the seal colapses onto itself.

When this seal is out, please match it up with the one in your kit.


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