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smartTOP for PORSCHE 997 Cabriolet

smartTOP for PORSCHE 997 Cabriolet

smartTOP 997 offers many customizable, useful features, in one easy to install product.

This unique comfort controller can be installed by anyone with the help of our detailed installation manual. Installation requires little electronic skills and is done without cutting wires or soldering! The module comes with all parts needed. No need for extra key fobs. Everything is done with the original key remote.

The control unit was designed by our certified engineers, having years of experience on Porsche and Mercedes Benz vehicle electronics. It was developed according to all European and American (CE, FCC) directives and constitutes a state-of-the-art electronic onboard control unit. Over-voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, safety shut-off and absolutely minimal standby power drain can be taken for granted.

Unique design features only to be found in our product:

• Ultra-low power standby mode (less than 0.1mA).
• Plug-and-Play Installation: Simply plug in between.
• Intuitive Setup menu for easy customization.
• Compatible to all 997 convertibles (C2, C2S, C4, C4S and Turbo)

Product Features:

• Comfort soft top control while driving: Within the factory-set speed limit the roof can be operated automatically with a short push of the open or close button. A feature that especially stick-shift drivers greatly appreciate.
• On the Euro-model 997 the smartTOP997 will raise all windows after the top has been closed with the extra soft-top button on the remote.
• Remote top control: Operation of top and windows with the original remote on all models (US and Euro) by holding down the power-locks button. A comfortable one-touch operation can be activated as well. No extra remote fob or reprogramming of the key or car is necessary!
• The “Lock-In” feature locks the doors once the car starts moving. In contrast to the original Porsche feature which can only be enabled or disabled at the dealership, this feature is user-programmable and even better, optionally the doors also unlock when the engine is switched off and the key removed.
• Home light XL: The Headlights can be activated for 30 seconds at any time by tapping the trunk button on the remote twice. Tapping the button twice again before the time runs out will switch the lights off immediately.
• Trunk button delay: Prevents accidental opening of the trunk. If activated, the trunk can only be opened by holding down the trunk button on the remote for 3 seconds.
• Chirp on lock/unlock: If activated, the alarm horn will give brief “chirp” signals when locking/unlocking the car.
• Comfort window control: All windows can be operated with no need to turn the ignition on. In the original condition, the windows are dead before the ignition is turned on and after it is turned off and a door is opened.
• Simplified window operation: The rear windows can be operated without the need to flip the rocker switch, simply by holding the window button after a front window was opened/closed. Holding a button in the 2nd position (one-touch) for 1 sec will automatically operate front and rear window simultaneously.
• User programmable: All features can be individually enabled or disabled. Some also allow different personal preferences to be set. All settings are retained even if the car battery is disconnected.
• Shop/Diagnose mode: If activated the smartTOP is completely passive, as if it was not installed at all. It becomes invisible to diagnostic tools


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