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Fabspeed 996 Cold Air Intake

Fabspeed 996 Cold Air Kit
Any 996 with JUST the COLD AIR performance enhancement kit will make any 996 with STOCK mufflers sound as if you have added a mild performance exhaust. Perfect for any 996 owner that wants his car to sound slightly more aggressive that stock.
Simple to install under 20 minutes with Torx screwdriver.
996 Cold Air Kit gives 12HP & better throttle reponse
25% more COLD AIR airflow from outside the engine compartment. More airflow= more power.
Complies with Porsche factory warranty
Adds 1.5 Liters cold air by eliminating muffler in airbox. This allows engine to draw cold air across entire topside of airbox (left and right rather than just from the right).
Works with factory Porsche and BEST with optional BMC F1 air filters. Add to your order during check-out for only $135 - save $30!
Much better throttle response you can feel

Note: For Tiptronic and Anniversary edition cars, there is a small extra hose running into the factory Intake hose which must be taken out and have a small intake breather placed on the end. This hose is required and cannot be plugged up, so you must get a small intake breather from a local speed shop or a discount auto parts store which can be zip tied to the end of the hose so the car runs properly. K&N and a few other entities carry them.

FS-POR996CAKRegular price: $250.00Sale price: $239.95
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