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Porsche 997 Camber Plates & Monoballs

Porsche 997 987 Cayman Sealed Front Camber Plates - Set Porsche 997 987 Cayman 2wd Sealed Front Camber Plates - Set
Under extreme conditions, such as road racing and autocross, negative camber is required to keep as much of the tire’s contact patch on the road as possible. Stock suspension mounts will not allow you to achieve the necessary amount of negative camber required for this type of performance driving. Rennline’s sealed camber plates incorporate FK motorsports spherical bearings and eliminate the indistinct feedback associated with factory rubber mounts. Comes as a set of two. Why are Rennline’s strut mounts the best ?
  • Drastically increased bearing life due to the integrated factory GT3 weather seals.
  • FK Motorsport Teflon-lined spherical bearings.
  • Rigid bearing mount, not clipped in like some products available.
  • Specially machined upper nut to allow clearance for maximum negative camber settings.
  • Allows for up to 1.25 degrees of added negative camber.
  • Special tool included to hold strut shaft from turning when tightening upper nut.
  • Can be used with all factory and aftermarket struts, Including factory non adjustable units.
  • Webbed machined base for light weight and superior strength.
  • Fully rebuildable
  • CNC machined 6061 anodized aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware.
Parts List:
(2) Monoball Strut Mount Assemblies (PN - S21) (1) FK Bearing P/N- COM12T
(1) Weather Seal P/N 964.343.186.80 (1) Retaining Ring
(4) M4 S/S Button Head Screws (6) M8X30mm Black S/S Button Head Screw - MC91239A428
(6) M8 S/S Washers - MC90965A190 (6) M8 Nuts - MC90725A715
(6) M8 Lock Washers - MC 95060A390 (1) Strut Shaft locking tool

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RL-S211Regular price: $500.00Sale price: $469.95
Porsche 996/997/986/987/Cayman Sealed Monoball Cartridges Porsche 996/997/986/987/Cayman Sealed Monoball Cartridges
Sealed Monoball Cartridges - Front and Rear - Most Porsche owners today, especially those of us who take our cars to the track, have equipped our cars with tires much wider and stickier than stock, which allows higher g-forces to be achieved in cornering and braking. During that type of hard driving, rubber suspension bushings are compressed and flexed by the extreme loads being put on them, defeating your car's finely tuned alignment settings, thereby reducing your braking and cornering potential. Monoballs are a downside-free improvement; because they eliminate four important sources of suspension slop without making your car's ride harsher. Your Porsche will handle and brake with greater precision, predictability, and feedback to the driver. Rennline monoballs are equipped with FK Motorsports bearings, cadmium-plated and Sealed to prevent premature wear due to moisture or dirt contamination, ensuring long track or street life.

Limited time offer - Order set of 4 and save $70!!

Fits 996/997/986/997/Cayman

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Porsche 997 Rear Monoball Shock Mount Porsche 997 Rear Monoball Shock Mount
Replaces the compliant factory rubber bushing with a precision Teflon-lined spherical bearing for increased suspension rigidity, quicker steering response, and better handling. The housing is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet, providing high-strength, light weight, and a perfect match to the factory mounting surface. The spherical bearing is securely clamped into the billet housing. Other designs use a small retainer ring to trap the bearing in a bore, which could cause annoying rattling and possible failure. The only upper mounts on the market that are fully compatible with all factory and aftermarket style upper spring seats. The 996 version of these mounts are the aftermarket rear mounts that have been exclusively certified for 996 Spec racing.

Also available with 14mm adaptor spacers to fit JRZ shocks. Please inquire.

RL-S-111-997RSMTRegular price: $460.00Sale price: $429.95

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