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Porsche 996TT Intercooler Upgrade

Porsche 996TT Intercooler Upgrade
Porsche 996TT Intercooler Upgrade

996 Twin Turbo ClubSport Intercoolers

Evolution MotorSports continues to lead the Porsche performance aftermarket with new and innovative products for the 996 twin turbo models. Our most recent achievement is an intercooler upgrade, which provides better efficiency and power as compared to the OEM turbo or GT2 intercoolers. Our 3-D CAD designed cast aluminum / CNC machined end tanks offer maximized flow and efficiency for better power and torque. Our lengthy R&D process, stringent testing and manufacturing procedures ensure optimized results with better than OEM quality and performance.

-33% larger core than OEM GT2 intercooler core
-Flows 36-49% more air than OEM 996TT/GT2 Intercoolers
-Direct replacement for the OEM intercoolers
-Extremely efficient closely stacked bar and plate type core design
-Reduced pressure drops while maximizing heat dissipation
-3-D CAD designed cast aluminum / CNC machined end tanks offer a perfect OEM fit while maximizing flow and efficiency. (Inlet end tank have approximately 200% more volume. Outlet end tank has approximately 60% more volume)
-Improved boost response as well as increased mid to top end power & torque Intercooler kit includes:
-EVO ClubSport Intercoolers: Left & Right
-Stainless Steel High Torque Hose Clamps (8)
-Mounting Hardware & Installation Instructions

The EVO ClubSport intercooler upgrade kit is the first of its kind for the 996TT. The OEM intercoolers are extremely restrictive for higher than stock power levels. Our improved design increases power and torque on all modified 996TT / GT2 cars and the power gains experienced are exponentially greater as power is increased.

-Our Clubsport intercooler upgrade kit is designed to work with our silicone boost hose kit. If you already have our silicone hose kit, it is fully compatible to the intercooler upgrade.

-If you do not already have our silicone boost hose kit, they are a required component to install the intercooler upgrade. You will have to order them separately (see product options).

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Porsche 996TT Silicone Boost Hose Kit
Porsche 996TT Silicone Boost Hose Kit

Porsche 996TT Silicone Boost Hose Kit

Our direct replacement silicone boost hose kit will eliminate a common boost problem on the 996TT's. On most all modified 996TT's the OEM boost hoses will leak and even blow out under acceleration leaving you with a loss in power and even stranded with a car that will not run. The OEM hoses are made from a rubber material that will deteriorate with a mass produced stamped aluminum end. This aluminum end does not secure properly into the intercoolers or "Y"-Pipe causing boost leaks and boost hose blow outs. Our precisely machined billet ends are a perfect tolerance for the most secure fit. Our silicone is pressure tested to over 100 PSI which will not burst even under the most extreme conditions. REAL WORLD TESTED at over 30 PSI and 1000 HP! The EVO silicone & billet hose kit for the 996TT / X50 / GT2 comes as a complete bolt on kit.

-Made out of high quality silicone
-Comes with CNC machined billet aluminum hose ends
-Successfully tested up to 1000+ HP
-Guaranteed not to tear or fail
-Great for all power levels and applications
-Comes with a lifetime guarantee

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Porsche 996TT Diverter Valves
Porsche 996TT Diverter Valves

Porsche 996TT Diverter Valves

Our direct replacement diverter valves will eliminate the notorious "Honking" sound commonly heard when the OEM valves have failed. Our valves will restore lost power and will hold more boost pressure than the stock units for added performance. In addition, they recover quicker than the OEM valves which allows better spool up after shifts. We designed our valves with a 90 degree vacuum port which allows for additional vacuum line clearance and a trouble free installation. The EVO billet diverter valves for the 996TT / X50 / GT2 / Turbo S come as a complete kit and carries our exclusive lifetime warranty.

-Engineered out of billet aluminum
-Stiffer spring to allow for more boost pressure
-Successfully tested up to 1000+ HP
-Useful on all cars ranging from stock to 1000 hp
-Available in silver or black
-Lifetime Warranty

Porsche 996TT Silicone F-Hose
Porsche 996TT Silicone F-Hose

Porsche 996TT Silicone F-Hose

Our custom made, high quality Silicone F-Hose is a direct replacement for the OEM hose. Our hose holds more pressure, and will not leak boost or blow out like the OEM hose. Use in conjunction with our Billet Diverter Valves to completely strengthen the system.

-Made out of high quality silicone
-Guaranteed not to crack or split
-Replaces stock hose that is made out of rubber.


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