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Boxster 987 Interior Trim

987/997 Retrofit Dead Pedal
987/997 Dead Pedal Retrofit Kit
Replace your stock black plastic foot rest with this factory piece. This matches the gas pedal's styling, with a black face and aluminum trim on the outer edge. Installation is simple, and no modifications are necessary.

Fitment: 2005 or newer Carrera, Cayman, or Boxster.

99755198600Regular price: $235.00Sale price: $198.50
Boxster 987 Stainless Steel Door Sills
Boxster 987 Stainless Steel Door Entry Guards
Stainless steel door entry guards provide a discreet and stylish aesthetic that leave a lasting impression as they protect the paint finish against dirt, damage and extended wear.

Fitment: 2005-11 Boxster or Boxster S, please specify a logo.

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Boxster 987 Carbon Fiber Door Entry Guards
Boxster 987 Carbon Fiber Door Entry Guards
Carbon fiber door entry guards provide a discreet and stylish aesthetic that leave a lasting impression as they protect the paint finish against dirt, damage and extended wear.

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997 987 Console Trim Silver
Carrera 997/Boxster 987 Console Trim in Galvano Silver
Upgrade to Galvano Silver Trim! This trim comes standard in the 2005 Boxster S and Carrera S, but will also fit a standard Boxster or Carrera. This will replace the basic grey trim, and add a subtle but stylish accent to your center console.

Boxster/996/997 "No Smoking" Lighter Plug
Boxster/996/997 "No Smoking" Cigarette Lighter Plug
This is part of the factory Non-Smoker's Kit. The blanking plug with a "No Smoking" emblem is used instead of the cigarette lighter. It is very easily installed.

Boxster 987 Rear Cargo Liner, Low-Sided
Boxster 987 Rear Cargo Liner, Low-Sided

High-density polymer luggage compartment liner is tough, waterproof and washable - perfect for protecting the rear luggage compartment against dirt and debris. Cleverly equipped with handles, making it suitable for transportation cargo to and from your Boxster. Fits 987 Boxsters (2005 – on)

Stainless Steel Sill Plate Covers
Stainless Steel Sill Plate Cover Sets
The latest stainless sill plates for the 996/997 Carrera, Boxster 986/987 and Cayman. Since Porsche already did such a beautiful job with the insignia that they recessed into there factory sill plates. We decided to leave perfection alone and just improve on the area that needs attention. As you are already aware, the these cars have an extremely wide door sill that makes getting in and out very difficult without dragging your feet across that big black plastic factory sill plate. Scratches were virtual impossible to avoid until now. These 300 series stainless steel sill plates will cover any existing scratches and avoid any new ones. Best of all, installation is effortless. No more pulling off that factory sill plate hoping the paint doesn't come with it. This new sill plate design installs over the top of the factory plastic unit allowing your Porsches logo to still be seen. All sill plate sets come with double sided adhesive applied to the back ready for a 5 min installation. 27" x 2"
Available with factory style or oval style logo cut-out. Select below.
Fits all 996/997 Carrera, 986/987 Boxster S and Cayman

Note: Car must already have factory sill plates with logo installed.

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Boxster Shifter Knob and Boot
Boxster Shifter Knob and Boot
Many Boxsters are still under warranty. However, we have noticed that Porsche used leather on the actual knob but vinyl on the boot, sewn together and always in black. If you wish to go to all leather in the color of your choice, or Porsche denies your warranty on your knob/boot, Eagle Day has the exact replacement for you at a great savings. Available in colors other than black for an additional $15.00. Note: Does not include shift pattern insert. Re-use the original or we can supply a black shift pattern insert for $25.

Fits all 986 & 987 Boxsters and the 987 Cayman.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

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Genuine Porsche® Illuminated Door Entry Guards
Genuine Porsche® Illuminated Door Entry Guards
For a more dramatic entrance, choose these stylish guard elements with illuminated logo (white). Stainless steel.

Fitment: 2005+ Carrera, Boxster, or Cayman S (Please select your model). Also available in Carbon Fiber, please contact us for more information.

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Porsche Cayman Boxster Enhancement Package, Dashboard
Porsche Cayman/Boxster Enhancement Package, Dashboard
Includes the trim beneath the grilles in the instrument panel and the covers for the Boxster's swing-out cup holders.

Available in Carbon Fiber, Macassar and Sycamore
Note: Shown in Carbon Fiber

Fits 2005 and on Boxsters and Caymans (987).

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GT3 Alcantara Shift Knob
GT3 Alcantara Shift Knob
6-Speed Shift Knob from the GT3. Comes fully covered in Alcantara with Volcano grey trim and dark grey stitching. The shift pattern comes in white.

Fitment: Boxster S, Cayman S, or Carrera (all versions) 2005 or newer.

986/987/996/997 Seat Rail TORX Bolts
986/987/996/997 Seat Rail TORX Bolts
These are the special TORX bolts use to attach the seat railings to the pan. These bolts have a non-standard thread and cannot be substituted with standard metric bolts. 4 needed per seat side. Price is for a pack of 4. Please select Model year below.

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Auto Trim & Molding Tool Kit
Trim & Molding Tool Kit
Makes trim, molding, door panel removal easier and safer. Made of a rugged poly/nylon which helps prevent marring. Works on exterior & interior trim.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

P-99695432Regular price: $25.00Sale price: $14.95
Porsche Aluminum Shift Knob
Porsche Aluminum Shift Knob
Unlike most aftermarket shift knobs on the market, these are far from “universal”. Universal usually means that it will nearly fit some applications and will not fit the rest. These shift knobs are CNC machined to fit specific applications, eliminating the concern of missing a gear due to loose or detached shift knob. There is no need to cut, drill, or modify your factory shift lever to install. All of our shift knobs are the ergonomically correct 1.875” diameter and have rubber trim rings installed at the base. Available in Silver and black finishes, for cars with or without integrated shift boots.

Fits 964/993/996/997/Boxster/Cayman w/ manual transmission

RL-I14-1Regular price: $120.00Sale price: $94.95
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