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Auto Racing Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguishers (mount not included)

Available in Red, Black, and Chrome
Height 14.8", Diameter 3.0"

MaxOut™ dry chemical fire extinguishers have a proven track record in extinguishing the types of fires likely to occur in an automotive environment. Models MX250C, MX250B, and MX250R utilize a specially fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical. All MaxOut™ models effectively smother and break the chain reaction of fires involving flammable liquids and pressurized gasses, and will not conduct electricity back to the operator. MaxOut™ models MX250C, MX250B and MX250R are also highly effective at stopping fires of common combustibles like wood and paper. Great for marine or residential use.

HalGuard™ is no ordinary automotive fire extinguisher. It contains Halotron 1®, electrically non-conductive "clean" extinguishing agent that rapidly turns into a gas. Halotron 1® has passed extensive testing by Underwriters Laboratories, and meets FAA requirements. It can be found on commercial aircraft, and is used by airport fire fighters and on the flight line.

No thermal shock to electronics
No mess or damage to vehicle or surfaces
Liquefied gas extinguishes hard-to-reach fires
Does not impair operator's vision
EPA approved
Listed and rated by Underwriters Laboratories
Made in U.S.A.
6' - 10' discharge range (HG250C, HG250B, HG250R)
High quality steel cylinders
All metal valve construction
Compact, lightweight, easy to use
Five year limited warranty on hand held and wheeled fire extinguishers
UL Rated 2B:C (HG250C, HG250B, HG250R)

Prices start at $104.95 for red or black dry chemical. Select color and chemical options below.

USA Ground shipping only (48 states)

RL-FE10Regular price: $125.00Sale price: $104.95
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